About Georges and Joie de Blog

What does a classical trumpet player in a symphony orchestra, a corporate jet pilot flying around the world, a restaurant entrepreneur, and a web designer have in common?

Hello and welcome.

My name is Georges and as well as being passionate about my careers, I look at challenges in life as real opportunities. I love to teach and help others get over obstacles. Everything I’ve learned I’ve also taught, from music to flying, and cooking, and today thanks to this blog, web design.

I’ve created Joie de Blog to help bloggers like you get beyond the technical difficulties of web design and have a successful blog that will resonate with their audience. Starting a blog and managing it can be overwhelming at first. Joie de Blog provides help and support to facilitate the journey as or blogger.

Joie de Blog
What you'll find

Simplified and detailed explanations for WordPress so you can do it yourself

  • Easy step-by-step instructions in simple English terms and categorized as “Beginner”, “Intermediate” or “Advanced”

  • A knowledge base of resources to successfully create a blog and manage a blog, including picture editing, web marketing, and plenty of other useful tools and goodies.

  • Presentations of all the “HOW TO” in text format and some of them also in video

  • The ability to request that a specific topic be added to the blog

What you won't find

It can be summarized in one sentence: Anything that you can’t do yourself.

A little more about me

gw-musicI grew up in a small village in the French Alps, raised by my mom, a French teacher, and my grandmother. At a young age I developed a passion for music so becoming a professional musician was a natural path. I enjoyed performing in symphony orchestras or as a soloist and sharing the beauty of music with the audience.

I also taught music extensively and always felt that teaching in general was a wonderful way to learn.

The first change of career: life as a pilot

gw-pilot-3A traumatic medical event in my family changed my life forever. As a result I moved to the United States, decided to change careers and started flying lessons at 30 years of age. As a flight instructor I helped a great number of students achieve their dream of becoming pilots themselves.

Later as a corporate jet pilot I had the opportunity to fly many well-known business and artistic personalities all over the world, in command of one of the most sophisticated corporate aircrafts available.

Life as a restaurant entrepreneur

Growing up in France and being raised by two women, I became spoiled when it comes to food and cooking. My grandmother was an amazing cook. She taught me recipes and tricks that I still use today, one of them being how to make crêpes. In 2006, in addition to flying I opened a restaurant with two other partners in the San Francisco area. Here I had the opportunity to create menus and cook, train staff, and handle the advertising and marketing for our growing business. We have recently expanded our restaurant and are excited about its continued success.

gw-laptop-3Change of heart – life as a web designer

When our restaurant opened we needed a website and that’s how I became involved with web design. Like everything else I’ve done I felt the need to know more and learn everything I could about web design. In my mid-forties, after an 18-year career as a pilot, it was time to reduce the amount of traveling, so I began building blogs and websites for others.

So !

What do a musician, a pilot, a restaurant owner and a web designer have in common?

A lifetime of rich learning and teaching experiences that brought to you,
so you can easily overcome the design challenges of blogging.