How to easily personalize your site with beautiful icons

how-to-easily-personalize-your-site-with-beautiful-iconsRaise your hand if you want a beautiful looking blog or website? That’s what I thought! Who doesn’t, right? You’ve all seen those sites with icons that perfectly match the site’s brand color set, and I’m sure you’ve wondered how you could do the same on your own site. They look beautiful, definitely tie it all together, and as such they bring a fantastic personal touch that stands out. No need to look further – you can do it too. Let me show you how to easily personalize your site with beautiful icons.

Brand your site and showcase your personality

Branding is the process of creating recognition in your visitor’s mind. You want your visitors to start memorizing your style, images, colors, shapes, graphics, designs, etc., in order for them to recognize you right away. Your site has to stand out if you want your audience to remember you.

Showcasing your personality helps people remember you and one easy thing to add to your site that will help create brand recognition is ‘branded icons’. I call them branded, because in this case we will create sets of icons that are all of the same color and/or shape.

Icons are a great way to add personality

Icons are very versatile when it comes to adding personality and helping you build a brand. Here’s why:

  • Their sizes are flexible. They can be as small as your text body font size to highlight a contact info box, or much bigger if you are trying to highlight features on a page.
  • Their forms are adjustable. They come in different shapes – round, square, square with rounded corners, etc.
  • Their colors are endless. The icon itself can be any color or on a colored background.
  • They are visually appealing. Visual images are easy to remember.
  • They tie text areas together.
  • They bring identity. Symbols are often associated to something. For example when you see a little blue bird as an icon you know right away that it’s Twitter.
  • People are already used to seeing them. They have become part of our everyday life on our smartphones, tablets, logos, etc. They are everywhere.

These are all great incentives for you to create icons and incorporate them into your site.

How to create branded icon sets

There are many options available to create icon sets:

  • Sometimes you will find that icons are already incorporated into your WordPress theme or Joomla template, which makes it easier.
  • Design software – For example Photoshop – however some of these aren’t necessarily easy for beginners.
  • Online icon generator – There are many options on the Internet and you may be able to find one you like.
  • One of my favorites is Iconion. It is available for both Windows and Mac. All you have to do is download the free app, install it on your computer and you are ready to start creating beautiful branded icons. (Note: the application is free and comes with enough options to design icon sets. An upgrade is available to unlock other advanced design options.)

Whatever you choose, start by creating just a few icons and see how easy they are to use. They are basically images which come in .png or .jpg format and you can incorporate them in your site wherever you like.

Let’s look at an easy way to create icons using Iconion.

6 easy steps to personalize your site with beautiful icons

  1. Open a browser window and enter
  2. Download the free version for Windows or Mac and install it onto your computer.
  3. Once installed, open the application.
  4. First, select a style of icon on the right side.
  5. Adjust the color and the background of the icon to your liking.
  6. Select the icons of your choice from all the icon options available on the left.
  7. You will be able to preview the icon in the middle section.
  8. You will see in the center at the bottom a section called “Selected Icons”. Once you have the icons you want to download click on SAVE ICONS.
  9. Select which size icons you would like, the format (jpg, png, bmp, ico) and click save icons. Files of your icons will download onto your computer in a zip format.
  10. Open the zip files and select the icons you wish to import onto your site.


A final word on how to easily personalize your site with beautiful icons

When used appropriately, icons are a fantastic way to add personality to your site and help your blog or your website stand out. Personalizing your site doesn’t have to be complicated, you know the old saying, ‘let’s keep it simple’.

Creating beautiful icons is easy and a great way to create a memorable experience for your visitors.

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